Enchanted Rose Dome

Keep the enchantment forever with Flower in a Box’s Enchanted Rose Dome Collection. Made to last a lifetime, our roses have been preserved to last forever in a crystal-clear glass dome with a beautifully crafted solid wood base. That way, you can marvel at the wonder and beauty of the enchanted rose any time you want to feel inspired and feel the love.

Our Enchanted Rose Dome Collection comes in various sizes and colours, giving you the freedom to choose what you think is the best way to show how you feel towards the object of your affection. With the variety we have, you will always have a reason to give any one you love a symbol of an everlasting affection as embodied by the colours and the sizes of our collection.


Loves Comes in Different Colours

We know that there are many kinds of love. And they can be represented by many colours, too! No matter who you are in love with, or who you worship and adore is, there’s an Enchanted Rose that can symbolise what you truly feel for the other person. You can also express your affection through our collection by giving them to your friends and family.

Enchant them with our Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Yellow, White, and Rainbow coloured roses. Red means love and romance; Pink is for gratitude; Purple is for enchantment; Blue is for true love; Black can symbolise death or new beginnings; Yellow is for friendship; White is for purity; and Rainbow-coloured means happiness and joy—perfect for special occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and the like.


Love Comes in Different Sizes, Too!

We want to give you many options aside from the colours we have for our precious collection. That’s why our Enchanted Rose Dome Collection comes in Tiny, Mini, and Large sizes. Marvel at the detail of the rose encased in the most luxurious hand-blown glass dome on a finely crafted wooden base. Exquisitely prepped and designed to fit your choice of size, every inch of the flower has been preserved to perfection.

The Tiny size measures at 15 x 10cm., the Mini at 20 x 15cm, and the Large at 20 x 30cm. They all come in a luxurious presentation gift box that makes it an ideal keepsake with a complimentary greeting card and care card. You also have the option to personalise the glass dome with a decal. So regardless of what size you pick, your love will surely be remembered for a long, long time.


Why Choose Us

Flower in a Box is our labour of love that we want to share to everyone. That’s because each arrangement is made to order, carefully produced with passion and care for your full appreciation. The flowers’ longevity is guaranteed for the first year but is sure to last a lifetime!

From producing real roses that last a year, Flower in a Box levelled up and decided to stock real roses and flowers that last for a lifetime. Hence, this beautiful collection of Enchanted Rose Dome that has captivated not just lovers but family and friends as well, giving it as a token of love and affection.