Real roses that last a year

You may have heard different names to describe these roses, but essentially the roses we use are real, fresh roses grown in the beautiful farms of Ecuador. Each rose is carefully cut at its prime growth, then bleached to remove its colour. Each rose is then treated with a non-toxic solution of wax and natural oils to preserve the rose. Once this process is complete, each rose is then dyed in the beautiful and vibrant colour pallets available to you.  

All roses and flowers used in our boxes, enchanted domes and acrylic organisers are 100% real. Our flower bar is all real flowers that have been dried.

Everyone loves giving or receiving flowers, but not everyone enjoys watering them every day for them to wilt and be thrown away after a week!

Our Roses and Dried flowers are guaranteed to last a minimum of ONE year, but can go on to live for many more years after provided the proper care is taken.

Using a non-toxic propriety solution and dye, our fresh roses are cut at prime growth then preserved to maintain the original look, feel and freshness of the rose

The idea that our roses are real and last a minimum of one year may suggest they require high maintenance. In fact, our roses require very little. As long as they are kept in away from humidity, direct sunlight and are not watered, they will go on to last years! 

Our rose boxes may get dusty over time, so you can lightly dust them ensuring you're not damaging the roses and not removing them from their box.

The glass covering the Enchanted Rose Dome can be removed to be cleaned, however we reccomend keeping it on when displayed so protect the rose from dust or physical damage. 

Our roses are quite comfortable in their box, and meant to stay in there for the lifespan of the arrangement. Removing them will damage the roses and the arrangement.

Shipping & Delivery

We are an online based store in Melbourne, but deliver Australia Wide and Internationally. 

As we are an online based store, our warehouse is not open to the general public, however we can offer same day delivery for Melbourne or Express delivery everywhere else.

We have Pop-Up stores across Melbourne during Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas time. Please the following link for more information on dates and locations

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If you have missed the cutoff time for delivery, please contact us with an urgent Same Day/Next Day delivery:


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All our couriers practice No Contact Delivery. You will recive an email when your order is out for delivery, or tracking when it has been shipped. Couriers will ring the bell/knock on the door and walk away until answered. If nobody is home it will be left in a safe place. If there is no safe place, it will be returned and a redivery fee will be charged for the followuing day after making contact.

We have researched and trialled so many ways to ensure our system delivers your arrangements in the most pristine condition.

Our Enchanted Domes arrive in special protective packaging, which also works as a beautiful gift box.

If your product does not arrive as described, please email enquiry@flowerinabox.com.au with your order number so we can immediately rectify any issues.

All deliveries are organised to arrive between 9am-5pm. 

Our couriers deliver according to their run for the day, so specific delivery times can't be made. 

If you require your delivery by certain times, you will need to contact enquiry@flowerinabox.com.au to organise a requested delivery time which incurs an extra charge.


As all our arrangements are made to order, we do not accept returns for change of mind. If you have placed your order and changed your mind before the delivery date, please contact the team within 24hours of your purchase date to cancel.

The utmost care goes into every arrangement to ensure we exceed your expectations. If in the rare occasion, it isn't what you asked for or didn't arrive in the condition it should have please contact the team at enquiry@flowerinabox.com within 24hours of reciving it with images to recify the issue asap for you.

Custom orders

All our arrangements can be personalised with a custom label for the boxes, and decals for all other products.

We have the largest range of products, colours and sizes however we understand that there may be something you require that  you think we can help with. For any custom products that are not in our product list, please email enquiry@flowerinabox.com.au with your specific requirements.

We can offer many products to suit your occasions with custom logos, ribbons and brandings. We also offer special bulk prices for these. To have this conversation with our design specialists please email enquiry@flowerinabox.com.au with your 




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Still have questions?

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