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Enchanted Rose

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Rose Bear

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Real Roses That Last One Year

No Water. No Maintenance

Our hand crafted arrangements have been preserved using special oils to maintain the look and feel of your roses. We guarantee it will last a year using the care instructions, or we'll replace it.

Being the first of its kind in Australia, we've had the most experience perfecting our roses, which is why we are Australia's leading online florist




Fall in love again with our gorgeous luxurious rose bears! Made of the finest quality foam roses, our teddies will last a lifetime.

Enchanted Dome Collection

Gorgeous Real Roses lasting all year enclosed in a clear glass dome. A truly enchanting gift, with the added luxury of personalising the glass.

Enchanted Rose Deux

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Enchanted Rose Dome

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Enchanted Rose Dome Mini

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Enchanted Rose Dome Tiny

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Infinity Box Collection

Year lasting roses in luxurious Parisian inspired hat boxes with the choice to personalise your label

Royal Box

Deluxe Rose Arrangement

Heart Box

Large Round Box

Large Square

Small Round

Small Square

LUXE Marble

Acrylic Rose Collection

A Collection of clear acrylic products to compliment your home decor or as a special gift to someone. Option to personalise with decals

Twenty Five- Acrylic Rose Organiser

Nine - Acrylic Organiser

FOUR - Acrylic Organiser

Petite Acrylic

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Shop Long Life Roses Online Australia

Long Life Roses To Light Up The Lives of Loved Ones

Roses can say a lot of different things – “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Congratulations”, “Best of luck”, “Get well soon” or simply “I care”. When it comes to gifting someone special with something equally as special, roses are always a top tier choice. Roses that last a year – well, that’s a truly special gift.

The biggest drawback that comes with gifting flowers is their short lifespan. They bring joy into someone’s life, but only for a couple of days, until they wilt and the magic is gone. Now with Flower In a Box, you can give the gift of a beautiful display of roses that continues to draw a smile for a whole year. Our 1 year rose arrangements are simply the gift that keeps on giving.

That’s right, with Flower In a Box, you can purchase beautiful roses in a box that last a year. How is this possible? Each of the roses in our rose displays has been preserved in special oils which enable them to continue to blossom and radiate their stunning beauty for one whole year.

You don’t need to water them at all, you just need to keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive heat, avoiding touching them too much and giving them the occasional dusting off to ensure they can stay looking their best for the full 12 months. Once they are looked after in this way, we can guarantee their 1 year life span. In fact, if they don’t last the full year, we’ll even replace them for you.

With Flower In a Box long lasting roses, you can enjoy the same next day flower delivery experience but give a flower box gift that has a lasting impact. With lots of different collections and colours to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice with flower box options to spoil someone special in your life.

Choosing Your Box of Year Long Roses

As the specialists in long life roses Australia wide, we offer the largest collection of quality 1 year lasting roses. Choose from a range of different displays to select the perfect gift for any occasion. Our collections include:

Acrylic Rose Collections

Our stunning clear acrylic boxes come with 25 large real roses that last 1 year. The boxes open u and provide a special display where you can store your makeup, jeweller, ties, beauty products and more. The perfect gift for someone’s home or to give yourself a well-deserved “treat yourself” moment – personalise the boxes to that extra layer of “special”.

Rose Boxes

Our deluxe rose boxes offer a full display of long life roses in a stunning gift box, ideal for wedding day gifts or for a focal point arrangement for the home. Choose from different shaped and size boxes including round, small round, large round, small square, large square, heart shaped and much more. This is the delivery box everyone wishes to have delivered to their door.

Rose Domes

Just like the stunning rose domes seen in the classic Beauty and The Beast movie, Flower in a Box brings to you our beautiful rose domes. Each dome features two real roses encased in a luxurious hand blown glass dome and wooden base, which can be personalised. Choose from a range of different coloured roses including red, yellow, pink, white and blue.

Infinity Vases

Our Infinity Vases are a sure statement piece and a luxuriously lavish gift for anyone in your life. Make a real splash with our gorgeous large Aluminium Urn featuring 100 of the highest quality real roses that last a year Australia wide.

We offer arrangements to meet every need and budget. However syou want to lavish and spoil someone, you will find a suitable stunning flower box to do just that with Flower In a Box.

Choosing The Right Rose Colour Is Key

When choosing your rose collection, colour choice is very important. After all, different colour roses carry different meanings. Since our roses last one year, you need to ensure that they say the right message, all year round, reinforcing your special message to that special someone 35 days a year.

Here is a brief overview of the message each colour rose symbolises:

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance – the perfect way to say “I love you” to your other half or someone special.
  • Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy – the ideal option when you want to say “Thank you” and especially as a Mother’s Day gift.
  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion – the top choice when you want to wish someone luck or say congratulations.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship – the classic way to bring a smile to the face of a close and dear friend.
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity – the great choice for weddings, engagements and the celebration of a new life.

If unsure about which colour rose to choose, please feel free to reach out to us and ask for our advice. We would be happy to speak to you about the intended recipient and what message you want to send them by gifting them an arrangement of 1 year roses.

We can help to put together an arrangement of roses in colours that not only ensure a stunning display but signify a meaningful message.

Shipping 1 Year Roses Worldwide

Not only have we introduced arrangements of quality year-long roses as a great gift option to the people of wider Australia, but we can ship our beautiful bouquets and boxes worldwide. Send a lasting gift to anyone who deserves it, anywhere in the world with Flower In a Box.

We can ensure next day delivery in the wider Melbourne area when you order before 5pm and delivery within 1-3 days anywhere else in Australia. Shipping times will vary for deliveries worldwide so feel free to reach out in advance to uncover the costs and shipping timeframe for your selected global shipping destination.

Flower gifting just got a whole lot better. Raise the bar with long lasting flower boxes from Australia’s best loved year-long roses company – that’s us, Flower In a Box.

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