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Our Story

Flowers have always been the choice of gift giving, for flowers truly are for every occasion. When you purchase a Flower in a Box, you receive gorgeous real roses that have been maintained to preserve their essence of beauty and freshness for at least one year. Each arrangement is made to order, and only the utmost love and care goes into each arrangement produced by us.

So, who is us?

Good question...

Meet the founders of Flower In a Box, Sarah & Dahlia, two sisters who started their business by accident out of a hobby!

It all started in 2015, when Sarah sent a picture to Dahlia of gorgeous roses in modern boxes she saw on Instagram and they searched every site they could to purchase some with no luck! They were all overseas and too perishable to ship fresh flowers to Australia.

This urged Sarah, who had just finished her Psychology degree, to create a similar concept which she talked over with her sister dahlia. Dahlia had just graduated high school and just got her first real job at the bank! Neither had experience in the field, besides a passion for flowers and both desired to own one of these 'Instagram roses'.

They started thinking about how many others also would want these! Then Dahlia was the push needed who drove their ideas into action. The creativity then started flowing, and the sisters began researching and sourcing their supplies.

Quickly they gained interest from family and friends, and then from everyone else.

Mother's Day, 2016, was the official launch of the Flower In a Box website, and everything started blooming from then.

But they didn't just stop there! They put so much effort and passion into all there arrangements, but wished they could make them last longer.

Again they began researching and sourcing until they introduced

Real Roses That Last A Year

Soon, the popularity flourished so much that they decided only to stock Real Roses and Flowers That Last.

They had managed to do all this on their very own, with no marketing teams, no fancy ads besides just casual sponsored posts on social media. Everything has been word of mouth up until then.

Today, Flower In A Box has the biggest range of products, and has expanded to shipping Australia & Worldwide, as well as having multiple pop up stores across Melbourne and of course, the sisters have moved from their parents backyard and into a warehouse!

Flower In A Box have inspired many others to also create similar concepts, but are very proud to be The Original who came from humble beginnings doing everything on their own, including doing their own website and most images taken themselves on iPhones.

There is still so much planned for Flower In A Box, with so many amazing products and ideas coming to life, you'd want to keep your eyes on it.

A little message from the sisters:

"Thank you to all that have been on this journey from the beginning, and for those that have joined along the way, we can't wait to keep bringing you amazing products and innovative ideas that are completely revolutionising the floral industry. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly grateful and thankful for all your support. When you purchase from Flower In A Box, you are helping two sisters dreams come true. No fancy big companies, just two women following their dreams"