Roses in a Glass Dome Sydney


      Flower in a Box have perfected a way to make roses last a year. Choosing the perfect rose, cultivated with love is just the first step when creating the magic that is a flower in a glass dome. All of our roses are hand-selected before they begin the preservation process, to ensure that they are perfect in every way – no blemishes, the right size and shape, and at the peak of their bloom.

      Are you in Sydney and looking for the perfect gift which will stand the test of time and keep its beauty for at least a year? A rose in a glass dome could be everything you dreamed of and more. Roses that last a year in a glass? Amazing, isn't it? If you're after a rose dome, see our captivating collection below.

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      Roses That Last a Year – In a Glass

      Our magic blend of oils is then used to infuse the rose, replacing all the water with this solution. What emerges is a beautiful, fresh-looking bloom that is paused in time – with the correct care, these roses will last at least a year, outlasting any other floral arrangement and providing a more beautiful flower than through traditional drying.

      Choosing how to present these fabulous creations wasn’t a problem for the design team at Flower in a Box. The preservation process works like magic, and perhaps the most famous ‘magic’ rose is the one from the classic fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. Thanks to the mastery of Disney animation, the image of the enchanted rose under a glass dome in the West Wing of the Beast’s stately home has become iconic – and that is how we feel about our roses.

      The Perfect Gift

      Getting your loved one a perfect gift can be difficult – especially if you are commemorating a special occasion, or maybe a proposal.

      Flowers are a versatile gift, given for almost every conceivable reason – they convey feelings almost as well as words, from congratulations to I love you, or even I’m sorry. What if that floral message could last – for at least a year?

      The Enchanted Roses from us at Flower in a Box do just that. They provide a long-lasting answer to that question of the perfect gift – and it doesn’t end there.

      With a wide range of colours and your choice of sizes, you can find the exact rose that lasts a year in a glass that is perfect for you.

      What are my Options?

      The Enchanted Rose comes with a luxurious, hand-blown glass dome and sits on a wooden base. Available in 3 different sizes:

      • Enchanted Rose: one bloom, 20 x 30cm
      • Enchanted Rose Deux: two blooms, 20 x 30cm
      • Enchanted Rose Mini: one bloom, 20 x 15cm

      Once you have selected the size you would like, you need to look at our unparalleled number of colours to choose the perfect one for you. This might be to convey a message, but it could also be chosen to suit a colour scheme in your house!

      When you have chosen the perfect rose and the perfect colour, you need to think about personalisation.

      Personalisation – Make it Extra Special

      Here at Flower in a Box we have some great options for personaliation. Why not add a name, a date or a short message on our glass dome?

      All our gifts can be personalised with a free greeting card – you can add your text as you order – but to truly make it memorable we offer the facility to add a message on the glass itself. Some people write a name, a message like “Happy Birthday” or a memorable date, like a wedding or engagement. Make it yours with something personal, for a slight extra cost.

      If you want to discuss personalisation options, or would like some further information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team.

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      31 products