Enchanted Rose

Love is an enchantment that is best signified by an enchanted rose. Express the love that defies forever with Flower in a Box’s Enchanted Rose Dome Collection. Made to last a lifetime, our roses have been preserved to last an eternity, encased in a beautifully crafted solid wood base and a crystal-clear glass dome that lets you marvel at the magical representation of the deep affection you have for your loved ones.

 Inspired by the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, our selection of enchanted roses comes in various colours that lend a deeper meaning to the flower. We all know that a rose embodies the strongest of emotions, but leading these emotions are love, passion, and admiration. Every colour is an added dimension to what you are feeling.


The Colours of Love

Show how you feel with the colours of our enchanted roses. To help you sort out your feelings, here’s a little guide on what the colours mean:

Red rose in full bloom symbolises love, romance, beauty, and courage. Pink roses represent appreciation and gratitude, while light pink ones indicate admiration and/or sympathy. Purple roses are the perfect embodiment of magic, wonder, and enchantment, just like love at first sight. It also symbolises majesty and royalty.

A blue rose is for the romantic in you: It means true love, or unrequited love. If you’re missing someone, then this is just perfect to express your longing. Royal blue connotes trust, confidence, and authority. Tiffany blue evokes the magic of receiving something that’s in a Tiffany Blue Box®.

Depending on the occasion, black roses symbolise death and mourning or new beginnings and rebirth. Yellow roses mean friendship; white roses are for purity, secrecy, reverence; and rainbow-coloured roses happiness and joy—perfect for special occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and the like.


Why Choose Us

 Flower in a Box is our labour of love that we want to share to everyone. That’s because each arrangement is made to order, carefully produced with passion and care for your full appreciation. The flowers’ longevity is guaranteed for the first year but is sure to last a lifetime! What’s more, the glass enclosure or dome can be personalised with a decal. It’s also packaged in a luxurious presentation gift box that comes with a complimentary greeting card and care card.

 From producing real roses that last a year, Flower in a Box levelled up and decided to stock real roses and flowers that last. Hence, this beautiful collection of enchanted roses that have captivated not just lovers but family and friends as well, giving it as a token of their love and affection.