Roses that last a year Sydney


      Here at Flower in a Box, we can help you do just that. We hand deliver roses that last 1 year in the Sydney area – created to order and perfect for a special gift for a friend or loved one.

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      What if You Could Give Roses that Last a Year in Sydney?

      Flower in a Box was started by Melbourne-based sisters Sarah and Dahlia, who wanted to create a beautiful boutique fresh flower service in the city, after finding out that there wasn’t anywhere in the area to get fresh roses and flowers delivered in a box instead of the traditional bouquets.

      Initially, Sarah and Dahlia sold their boxed fresh flowers to family and friends, but word soon spread, and they opened their business to the the rest of Melbourne and eventually they started selling their long last roses in Sydney.

      By continuing to be innovative and researching all the newest techniques in flower preservation, the sisters soon realised that they could create long lasting roses; a rose that outlasted any other flower, while still looking beautiful – and the so-called Everlasting Roses was born.

      This soon became their bestseller, and since then here at Flower in a Box we have focused our creative innovation on making sure that our roses will last a year and are the best long lasting roses in Sydney & Melbourne.

      Roses that Last 1 Year – the science

      Of course, our method of preservation for these roses is a closely guarded secret – but the magic oils we infuse our roses in are the reason that they last such a long time.

      The masters of this preservation process are the husband and wife team of Paul and Ginette Lambert, who started working with different compounds to create a mixture that would not only make their flowers ‘keep’ for an extended period, but woud also ensure that they looked as beautiful as when they were first picked.

      This process for creating long lasting roses in Sydney includes the use of glycerine, colouring agents and activation agents, that work in tandem to create a flower that looks natural, retains the natural gloss and suppleness – but also lasts much, much longer than a traditional stem.

      Since 1998, when the so-called Vermont Process was created, there has been a real increase in demand for long lasting roses that last ‘forever’. Following the trend set by celebrities like the Kardashians, everlasting blooms are an Instagram-ready statement – but, for us, they are a gift , that is testament to the care and love you feel for whoever you are giving them to. So next time you want to get your friend in Sydney a unique gift, consider long lasting roses from Flower in a Box.

      What to Expect from Flower in a Box

      We handmake our gifts and long lasting roses in Sydney to order – so we can offer a level of personalisation not found elsewhere. If you really want to give a gift that makes an impact, then why not consider getting your personalised rose

      We also offer a free personalised greeting card to be sent with the rose, so you can say it with flowers – and be safe in the knowledge that your gift will last far longer than any others.

      We hand deliver orders in the Sydney area, and we can ship worldwide if necessary – so your long lasting roses from Sydney and other floral gifts can cross borders safely and arrive as perfectly as when it was picked. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect bloom for you!


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