Round Box of Roses


      Here at Flower in a Box, we specialise in creating handmade arrangements of our beautiful eternal roses, presenting them in elegant Parisian-style hat boxes. Roses in a round box radiate sophistication and grace.

      Our team of floral designers’ hand select the most beautiful roses at their peak bloom, so that when you receive your round box of roses they are blemish-free, vibrant and full of life, whilst still being in the form of an eternal rose. How do they make roses last a year you may be wondering? We preserve them by infusing them with a special blend of oils – no nasty chemicals – and this makes them look fresh, supple and colourful for at least a year! For some of the most beautiful round gift boxes in Australia that feature infinity roses, see our range below.

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      Give a Long-Lasting Gift – Round Box of Roses that Last for a Year 

      If you want to ‘say it with flowers’, then choosing one of our round boxes full of roses is an impactful statement that shows how you really feel.

      Our long-lasting roses are the same as those favoured by celebrities like the Kardashians; they are perfect for Instagram and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office. If you enjoy having fresh flowers in your living or working space, then our roses in a round box are an excellent choice – available in a wide range of colours and designs, they can be as individual as you!

      What are my Options?

      Flower In A Box offer some of the most stunning round gift boxes in Australia and offer a variety of options to choose from so that there is something to suit everyone and every occassion. Our round box of roses comes in two sizes; small and large.

      The Small Round Box contains 18 perfect roses, comes with a complimentary greeting card, and is available in all colours, with the option of personalisation and design within the box (see below for more about personalisation and design)

      The Large Round Box holds 35 roses. Again, these roses in a round box can be personalised and designed to suit your needs.

      Personalisation and Design

      With all our everlasting rose gifts, we offer personalisation. We want this gift to be special and memorable for you, so why not add a short message, a name or even a teddy to your gift?

      If you choose not to have personalisation, the box will have our elegant logo in gold on it.

      The label is quite roomy, some of our customers have used the label space to put the wedding details of their bride and groom, to use the roses in a box as a centrepiece at the wedding or asked a friend to be a maid of honour. You can just put a name, or ‘Happy Birthday’, or whatever you think will make the gift truly unique.

      From a design point of view, we can customise your box using different colours of roses – whether you want a heart shape, an ombre effect, or any other design, we handmake all orders so we can create exactly what you want from your roses in a round box.


      We are based in Melbourne, and we offer hand-delivery of all our items in the Melbourne area on a day of your choosing for only $10. This is available Monday-Saturday; if you would like a Sunday delivery then please do get in touch and we can arrange a special delivery for you.

      If you live outside the bounds of Melbourne, we offer next-day dispatch of your items, the usual cost is $30, and delivery takes approximately 1-3 business days. However, this courier service is not in-house, so we cannot guarantee a delivery date – it is up to the courier.

      If you are ready to select your perfect gift, have a look at the colour options for your round box of roses, select your personalisation and design, and choose your delivery option. If you need any help, advice, or want something a bit more special, then feel free to call us and we can have a chat about what you need.

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      7 products