Infinity Roses in a Glass Jar & Boxes


      After a flower which will stand the test of time and hold its beauty for at least a year? An infinity rose may be everything you were searching for, and more. Our gorgeous range of infinity roses come in a wide selection of colours, shapes and sizes to ensure there is something for everyone. Perhaps you'd like infinity roses in a box to gift to your loved one? Maybe an infinity rose in glass to beautifully display in your home? Whichever the case may be, Flower in a Box has infinity flowers for every occasion. Shop our captivating range below.

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      Flower in a Box – the Infinity Rose in a Jar

      However, those gifts are often fleeting – beautiful at first, they soon wither and die – and as such the gift becomes less valuable as time goes on.

      What if you could give a gift of flowers that would last forever?

      Here at Flower in a Box, we have created a range of roses that do just that – maybe not for infinity, but with the correct care we guarantee your flowers will last for more than a year.

      Inspired by a Fairy-tale

      Our infinity rose in a glass gifts have been inspired by the fairy-tale of Beauty and the Beast; the recognisable image of the rose under a dome, frozen in time and lasting (nearly) forever. The timeless beauty of that rose ahs inspired many beautiful works of art, and our infinity rose in a dome is exactly that.

      To recreate this iconic image, we have added a luxurious, handblown glass dome and a wooden base to encase our rose. Providing not only a decorative addition, this also reduces the need for contact with the rose itself – enabling the preservation to work most efficiently.

      Our roses are fresh cut, arranged to order and retain their natural suppleness thanks to the unique preservation process we use – infusing our most beautiful blooms in a blend of oils that replaces the water content and effectively stops time.

      The Flower in a Box Difference

      We want to create you a perfect rose that lasts (potentially) forever. If you follow the care directions (there aren’t many; but they are important), we guarantee that your rose will last a year – in fact we have ,a box of roses that still look perfect after 3 years!

      Our unique preservation process means that our roses retain their natural look for more than a year longer than fresh cut florals – and the way we present these roses make them an ideal gift.

      If you are looking to give this as a gift, there are multiple options for personalised roses – make it special by adding a name or message to the dome, and we also offer a complimentary greeting card to be delivered with the rose. Whatever the occasion, we can personalise your gift to make it perfect.

      All Flower in a Box Enchanted Rose Dome purchases come in a beautiful understated Presentation Gift Box and make the perfect gift for that special someone.

      Why not look at the whole range of infinity roses in glass domes that we have available? We offer the widest range of colours and personalisation options in Australia, and with next day delivery available in Melbourne, even last-minute gifts can last forever.

      Check out the full range and choose that perfect gift today!

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      46 products