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      The rose – the one bloom that is traditionally the first choice in a romantic bouquet. Entrenched in historical romantic connotations, the humble rose has been ever aligned with love, and especially the red rose.

      Flower in a Box offer a beautiful range of forever roses. Our enchanted roses are Australian made and of the highest quality. Interested in purchasing the magical gift that is a forever rose? See our captivating range below.

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      But why are roses so romantic?

      The cultivation of roses dates back 5,000 years to China, although fossil records show that roses have been growing for at least 35 million years!

      Creation myths centred around the rose come from almost all religions across the world – like the Arabic tale of the nightingale who fell in love with a white rose, and that love was so strong the nightingale sang for the first time. The nightingale pressed itself upon the rose, and was pierced by a thorn, killing the nightingale and staining the rose with his blood. In the Western world Greek mythology stated that the goddess of love, Aphrodite was responsible for growing the first red rose – by watering the ground stained by the blood of her ill-fated lover.

      In Victorian times, roses were used in Floriography – the secret language of flowers that was created to give special meanings and convey covert messages, in a time when it was not socially acceptable to declare one’s feelings. A red rose meant true love, a white represented innocence and yellow meant friendship.

      In popular culture, we have seen the rose be a symbol of love, chastity and desire – and it remains the most enduring ideation of a bouquet.

      As a symbol of love, romance, adoration or even just as a decoration, the rose will always be a beautiful choice in floral gifts – but they don’t last very long. Here at Flower in a Box, we have created a method of preserving our everlasting roses for at least a year – perfectly paused in time, as beautiful as when they were first picked.

      Give a Rose that Lasts

      If you are looking to get a special gift for someone, whether that is for a lover, a mother or a friend, you need to look at our range of Enchanted Roses.

      These are inspired by the magical rose from the fairy-tale we all know and love – Beauty and the Beast. As an iconic image, the enchanted rose encased in a glass dome became the ticking clock that gave a sense of urgency to the developing passion between Belle and the Beast – and we have created a rose that reproduces that picture.

      The Enchanted Forever Rose is available in a wide range of colours, from the ‘traditional’ red as well as black, blue, white and even Candy Rainbow. Whether you are interested in Floriography, or you are looking to get a rose that suits your décor, we have the perfect colour for you.

      Flower in a Box – creating the perfect gift

      Our Enchanted Roses come in a beautiful presentation gift box, and they also come with a greeting card that you can write. One of the most important services that we offer is the personalisation of the glass dome – our luxurious hand-blown roses in a glass dome can have a name, or a short message added to make it even more special.

      Don’t forget that we make all our arrangements to order, so we can make sure it is exactly what you need. If you want any information or advice about our Enchanted Roses, you can get in touch with a member of our team using the contact details below.

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      29 products