Everlasting Roses


      Roses that maintain their beauty and continue to blossom day after day seems like something of a fairytale myth. After all, standard roses last a week or two at best, even with the best efforts to care for them. No matter what, your standard rose boxes are only going to have a short lifespan, and bring shortlived, momentary joy for the recipient. Flower In A Box have made this fairy tale a reality, offering everlasting roses - that is, roses that last 100 days. What a beautiful addition an everlasting rose in a jar would make to your home. What a special gift an everlasting rose dome would make for a loved one. To see our beautiful range of roses that are everlasting, see below.

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      Everlasting Roses – No Longer a Fairytale Myth

      Here at Flower In a Box however, we don’t sell “standard” roses. We have completely raised the game with our everlasting flower rose arrangements, featuring roses designed to last a minimum of 1 year. How do our roses last this long?  Each everlasting rose is preserved in special oils which enable them to continue to maintain their beauty for one whole year. Many customers have reported even long lifespans of up to three years for our everlasting roses too.

      The key is to ensure proper care and maintenance for your inifnity rose – and this requires very little time and effort. You don’t need to water our everlasting roses at all, in fact not watering them is key to their longevity. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and excessive heat and avoiding touching them too much are important elements of ongoing maintenance as is dusting them off occasionally.

      Once they are looked after per the above instructions, we can guarantee our rose boxes will fulfil their 1 year life span. We are so sure of this that we guarantee to replace any roses that don’t the last the full 1 year period, once you have cared for them correctly.

      Purchase Everlasting Roses, In Every Colour, With Lots of Box Options Available

      Different coloured roses can carry different meanings. With our extensive array of colours, you can send whatever message you like through an everlasting flower rose. Arrange your flower box to contain a single or multi-colour arrangement with red, pink, black, gold, silver, Tiffany blue, white or ivory coloured roses.

      There is nothing standard about our everlasting roses, right down to the boxes that they come in. We offer luxurious round, square and heart shaped boxes in lots of different sizes, with options to meet every budget. Add an extra special touch by personalised your roses box with a special message for the recipient.

      Some of our more luxurious box options include our acrylic storage boxes, rose vases and of course our rose domes, featuring two stunning everlasting roses in a jar. These luxury rose box options can also be personalised and engraved and all boxes can include a complimentary card with a special message of your choice too.

      Shipping Everlasting Roses Australia Wide

      Not only do we hand deliver our year long rose boxes to address in the wider Melbourne area but through our trusted delivery partners, we can ship our everlasting roses Australia wide. Deliveries arrive within 1-3 business days depending on location and we can also cater to request for worldwide deliveries too.

      If you want to send year long roses to someone special, you can trust Flower In a Box to make it happen!

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      42 products