Eternal Roses in a Box & Dome

      Eternal roses are beautiful, magical flowers which last at least a year. Symbolising love and life for an eternity, roses such as these make unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. However, we don't blame you if you want to keep these eternal roses for yourself. Flowers in a Box specialise in creating beautiful floral arrangements to order. If you are looking for an eternal roses box, then check out what we have to offer. Flower in a Box have the widest range of shapes and sizes, alongside the biggest choice of colours, so there is an eternal rose for every occasion. If you'd like to bask in the beauty of this eternal flower, shop our captivating range below.
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      Flowers in a Box – the home of eternal roses in a box

      Our everlasting roses are preserved using special oils, require no water and no maintenance – and we guarantee that they will last at least a year, if you follow the simple care advice. We want your purchase to be an experience – so we take the time to create an arrangement that is personal to you and your unique needs, offering personalisation to labels, greeting cards and even the colours used within the arrangement.

      If you are looking for the perfect gift or statement piece for your home or business, then our eternal roses in a box would be a perfect option for you.

      What Boxes Can I Get?

      We want to be able to provide you with the perfect gift, the right size, colour and shape, at the right price. To make this process easier, please see below a list of the available size and shape options that are available to you.

      • Small Round – contains 18 perfect roses
      • Large Round – contains 35 perfect roses
      • Large Square – contains 49 perfect roses
      • Royal – Extra Large Square – contains 80 perfect roses
      • Heart – contains 30-35 perfect roses

      For each box, you can get a personalised label created. This might just read ‘Happy Birthday’, or how about sending it as a gift for a prospective Maid of Honour? The labels are sized in such a way that you are not limited to a small amount of text, so asking a question like “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” or even “will you marry me?” can be done using these fabulous boxes.

      Once you have decided on a size, you need to choose a colour and design for the roses inside.

      The Widest Range of Colours

      Not only are the roses we choose to use in our arrangement blemish-free and picture perfect, they are also available in a wide range of colours, so you can pick exactly the colour you want.

      Whether you are looking for a delicate pastel pink bloom, or you want to flaunt how fabulous you are with a rainbow rose, we have the colour you are looking for. Our black roses are elegant, while the gold ooze decadence. Why not look at the understated richness of our beautiful rose gold creations?

      Inside the box itself, we can create patterns and designs using different colour roses. Some popular choices include a heart, or an ombre look using two close colours. Using our order form, you can design your arrangement to suit your needs, and we aim to get these done and dispatched the very next day (where possible).

      If you are ready to choose your perfect personalised rose box, have a browse through our website. Our floral design team is waiting to create your perfect eternal roses box!

      If you need any help or advice on your decision, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team.

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      34 products

      34 products