As dried flowers don't require any water, dried flower arrangements last longer than fresh flowers - meaning you can bask in their beauty for longer, without having to care for them. Dried flowers are a wonderful gift idea! Flower In A Box offer dried flower delivery in Melbourne, so that you can gift your loved one a special arrangement and have it sent right to their door step. Alternatively, dried flowers can be a beautiful addition to your own home or space. Luckily, Flower In A Box offer a lovely collection of dried flowers in Melbourne. These arrangements are carefully gathered in our keepsake boxes or as a wild posy arrangement for you to put in your own vase. If you're after dried flower arrangements in Melbourne, you've come to the right place! We offer a beautiful selection of arrangements in our dried flower bar. However if you'd like a custom arrangement of dried flowers with Melbourne delivery, that can be organised.

Interested in ordering dried flowers in Melbourne? Check out our dried flower bar!

For all custom dried flower arrangements in Melbourne, please email enquiry@flowinabox.com.au

*All dried flower arrangements are REAL and subject to change due to the nature of the flowers and seasonality, however we will always try to substitute for similar flowers if need be.  

(Due to the delicacy of dried flowers, at this moment Flower in a Box only offers dried flower delivery in Melbourne.)

Interested in receiving dried flowers in Sydney or other areas across Australia? Contact us to express your interest! Flower In A Box may be expanding in the future.

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5 products