Ways To Preserve Roses

Roses are the most popular flower around the world because of there gorgeous colours and
unmatched fragrance. Roses are the perfect way to commemorate special occasions such as holiday
celebrations, weddings and more. Preserving roses is a great way to enjoy this special flower for
But how does someone go about preserving these roses?
Listed below are a few simple ways to preserve this enchanting and glorious beauty :-
1) Air dry roses - This is one of the most popular method of preservation. But in order to air dry
your roses, their stems need to be dried and the leaves need to be removed as they hold the
maximum moisture. Once this is done, hang the stems and roses upside down in a cool and
dark place to help the roses retain their colour. The roses would completely dry in
approximately 7 to 10 days.
2) Hairspray to preserve roses - This method is quite uncommon but spraying roses with a light
coating of hairspray is a good idea. Once this is done, then hang the roses upside down for at
least two to three weeks to allow them to dry completely. The roses will have to be kept in a
dark place because if they are exposed to sunlight, they would take a long time to dry out.
When the roses appear to be completely dry after two to three weeks, respray the roses to
help them maintain their colour and shape.
3) Use glycerine - Using glycerine and water is another great way to preserve flowers. Leave
the roses in one-part of glycerin, with two-parts of boiling water for a few days or as long as
two weeks. This would help them to dry.
4) Press the roses - Lay the roses on parchment paper and cover them with another paper.
Place this between heavy books or under a heavy brick or tile for about two weeks. Change
the parchment paper every two to three days to prevent moisture from building up.
With these methods, the roses are bound to degrade, flatten, lose their colour and shape, so the
best way to have your house beautified with preserved roses is to buy boxes and domes which are
pre-arranged with preserved roses in gorgeous colours. Do get in touch with us at Flower in a box if
you wish to gift or keep for yourself gorgeous, enchanting roses which can last for nearly a year.

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