Reasons why eternal roses are the perfect gift

For decades, roses have been used as a symbol of love, affection and sympathy and to communicate
emotions to family, friends and loved ones. Eternal or long lasting roses are unique gifts that are
made out of real, preserved roses. At flower in a box, we create breath-taking and enchanting rose
arrangements that will surely delight your someone special.
Here of are a few reasons to prove why eternal roses are the perfect gift :-
1) Everlasting luxury - Eternal roses by Flower in a box are the most unique gifts that will be
special for your loved ones for years. By lasting longer, these eternal roses become a far
more memorable gift than fresh roses. There is no doubt that fresh flowers are beautiful
gifts but they need maintenance and watering to help them stay fresh but that freshness
does not last for more than a week.
2) The right flower for everyone - Roses have always had the unique ability to please
everyone. Arranged in elegant boxes and domes, our preserved and everlasting roses are
not just a special gift for spouses and partners but also excellent for connecting with family
members and friends and to help you beautify your home or workplace. Everyone loves
receiving flowers and at Flower in a box, we have created a rich selection of preserved roses
to meet everybody’s taste.
3) A gift for every occasion - No matter the occasion, roses are the universal gift of choice. It is
a well known fact that roses have the power to make those who receive them feel loved and
Flower in a box can help make that feeling last forever. The everlasting preserved roses are a
versatile gift for all occasions and are always a pleasure to receive.
4) Say anything with a rose - Anything you want to say, you can say it with a rose. Our
preserved and eternal roses available in a wide selection of colours are a symbol of love,
affection, sympathy and gratitude. Whether you want to surprise your loved ones with an
unforgettable and everlasting gift or let a friend know you’re thinking of them, Flower in a
box can help you say it all with a rose.
Choosing to purchase from Flower in a box will make those receiving them, feel happy and loved.
Our everlasting arrangements will remind your special someone of your love for not days but for a
years on end.

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