6 Benefits of Preserved Roses

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, are the perfect gift for any occasion and
are a symbol of love and sympathy. Freshly cut roses do have a disadvantage because they tend to
wear out pretty quickly but there is a fantastic alternative to these freshly cut roses and that is -
Preserved Roses.
Listed below are a few benefits of preserved roses :-
1) They are not artificial - When you hear preserved roses, you might think of them as artificial
roses but the truth is that preserved roses are actually real roses which are cut at their peak
and preserved using 100% natural plant based preservation liquid. The roses maintain their
beauty for a longer period and retain their fresh feel too.
2) Low maintenance - To keep real roses looking fresh, they need to be watered regularly but
still after a few days, the bud begins to wilt and petals start falling off. Preserved roses don’t
need to be kept in a vase and do not need to be watered either. All you need to do is to keep
the preserved roses in a gorgeous box, away from sunlight as that can cause the colour to
3) They last longer - Where fresh roses last for not more than a week, preserved roses can last
up to one year or maybe even longer, which means that you can enjoy these preserved or
infinity roses for a longer time. Doesn’t this make it an ideal gift for any occasion?
4) They are environmentally friendly - In an era when more and more of us are trying to do
their bit for the environment, preserved/Infinity roses are surely a good choice. Since these
roses do not require continuous replacement, less waste and reduced carbon footprint is
5) They can save you money - If you have a loved one who’s extremely fond of roses and loves
to be surrounded by them at all times, then preserved roses are the perfect gift for them as
they do not cost you a fortune. Preserved roses are everlasting roses which would not let
you constantly dig into your wallet to spend additional money you might need to, while
buying fresh roses.
6) They come in a wide variety of colours - It’s a myth that preserved roses only come in
colours such as red, pink and white but there is an unbelievable colour palette for
everlasting roses. Apart from traditional colours, everlasting flowers come in unique and
stunning colours such as gold, blue, black too.

So, the next time you have to give flowers to someone special, then instead of choosing fresh
flowers, go in for preserved and long lasting roses. Flowers in a box has an incredible collection
perfect for any occasion or celebration.

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